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ʿdn vb. to make fertile, pleasant

1 to make fertile . –(a) to adorn Syr. –(b) to fill Syr.
2 to make happy Syr.
3 to be pleasant (??) CPA.

1 to be made happy Syr. –(a) to live pleasantly Syr.

LS2: 1072[512]. J. Payne-Smith: 401. DNWSI: 830.

ʿdn, ʿdnʾ (ˁeddān, ˁeddānā) n.m. set time

1 set time Com. –(a) time set for study of Law JBA.
2 moment Syr.
3 time; age Palm.
4 station (?) Hat.

   For Hatran “station” see Aggoula, Syria 67(1990):416.

LS2: 1073[511]. DJPA: 402b. DJBA: 851b. Jastrow: 1067. J. Payne-Smith: 401. DNWSI: 830.

ʿdn n.m. #2 pleasantness

1 pleasantness Qum.

ʿdn (ˁḏen) n.m. #3 Eden

1 Eden JLAtg, Syr, LJLA. –(a) the garden of Genesis . –(b) as heavenly paradise .

Jastrow: 1045.

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